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Highly reliable and low delivery latency SMS gateway.
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SMSCarrier provides a highly reliable SMS gateway service enabling aggregators and businesses to send bulk SMS and other types of SMS messages to mobiles to the UK, EU and Worldwide. We specialise in providing Mobile Terminated (MT) outbound bulk SMS messaging services using our SMPP SMS API with coverage to over 900 mobile network operators worldwide. We've been providing wholesale SMS gateway services to large and small organisations since 1999.

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Our highly reliable SMS API is provided via multiple geographically separate sites in Europe so that customers worldwide can send SMS and enjoy 100% availability of our SMS gateway for mobile terminated (MT) SMS. Our wholesale SMS pricing allows the sending of bulk SMS at extremely competitive prices.

When you need to depend on your SMS messaging provider as part of the operation of your business then you can depend on the HSL Mobile® SMSCarrier service to deliver your messages. We are one of the most experienced and technically capable providers in the market and one of the very few who also operate their own UK-based SS7 Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) platforms.

LINK Mobility UK Ltd operates the SMSCarrier SMS gateway service and also operates other messaging services. If you require inbound SMS / MO SMS (i.e. Virtual Mobile Numbers or Virtual SIM Hosting), SMS-based solutions that allow you to use SMS via email-to-SMS or web SMS portal, send SMS to teams from your mobile, or wish to use other APIs such as HTTP, SMTP or Web Service (SOAP/XML) then please visit hslsms.com

Bulk SMS coverage & pricing

Network coverage and pricing for bulk SMS to over 900 mobile networks.

Sending SMS through an SMS gateway using SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol) allows your application, whether it's sending SMS text messages to your customers, notifying staff of important information or updating a remote device, to quickly send a message and know when it's been delivered. Secure SMPP sessions are supported using TLS. SMPP is the best SMS API for handling high volumes, reliability and avoiding SMS gateway supplier lock-in.

There are a number of development kits, applications and code samples that can allow you to easily integrate SMS mobile messaging into your application. Our Developer site at developers.hslmobile.com is a great resource to get you started and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our Support team.

SMSC simulator

Test your application's SMS messaging capability with our freely accessible SMSC simulators, available via SMPP.