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Wholesale SMS service for reliable and fast delivery of bulk SMS messages to the UK, EU and Worldwide through SMPP and HTTP APIs.

Bulk SMS messaging is the sending of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phones. It is quick method for conveying a message to a wide audience and is used by businesses of all sizes, including media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes. It is commonly used for alerts, reminders and marketing but also for providing information and communication between both staff and customers.

SMSCarrier have the capacity and technical capability to be used for sending high volumes of SMS messaging quickly and reliably to mobile users in a single country or worldwide. The SMPP API is well suited to this use, however we also provide our HTTP API that can be equally suitable. Using these APIs messages can be sent from your application or systems through your SMSCarrier account and delivered within seconds. Delivery receipts can also be provided in realtime to indicate delivery of your messages to mobiles.

Once you complete your initial sign-up form, our Sales team will be in touch and provide you with your account configuration details to you so you can start using it with your application. We include message credits so that that you can start testing straightaway to confirm that our service is indeed as good as we say it is!

Our services can be depended upon to deliver your messages 24x7. The SMSCarrier SMS gateway infrastructure that we operate for message delivery spans multiple redundant, independent and geographically separate sites in Europe. In the unlikely event that one of our sites completely fails, our remaining sites will continue to provide service for both the SMPP API and HTTP API.

SMSCarrier accounts are a great choice for sending messages to mobiles on almost any mobile network in the world - see SMSCarrier SMS pricing and coverage. Whether you want to send millions of messages a month to your customers or send a much smaller number to your team, SMSCarrier provides an extremely cost effective service.

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