Coverage & Pricing (N)

The pricing for MT SMS messages sent using the SMSCarrier-N account is shown below. You are charged for each message that you send and there are no other charges for using the service. There is no charge for account set-up or for delivery receipts. A special account is required for this service. Please contact HSL Sales ( to request an SMSCarrier-N account.

The pricing for MT SMS messages sent using SMSCarrier-N accounts is shown below in Euros unless otherwise indicated. Pricing changes take effect at midnight UTC/GMT.
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The pricing on this page is exclusive of VAT. SMS message price changes are notified the day before the change takes effect. This website will update shortly after 16:00 UK local time with any price changes and notification emails will be sent to customers at the same time.
Coverage subject to change without notice. USA coverage subject to operator restrictions.
Presence of network issue icon Network issue indicates a potential issue reaching this network. Hover over the icon for further details. For further information on issues customers should contact HSL Support (

Current coverage and pricing can be downloaded in CSV format: SMSCarrier-N Coverage and Pricing (CSV)
Future coverage and pricing (containing any future changes yet notified) can be download in CSV format: SMSCarrier-N Future Coverage and Pricing (CSV)