The SMSCarrier service supports the Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) API v3.3 and v3.4 and it might be useful to you to read our SMPP API Overview. Technical information regarding each of the APIs can be found in this section. The specific subset of capability supported is contained in the SMSCarrier Abbreviated SMPP Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS).

If you wish to test out your application without using the live SMSCarrier service then we operate an SMSC simulator for this purpose. The simulator is free to use and can simulate delivery of SMS to mobiles.

If you need any help at all with using the service then please feel free to email the Support team at who will promptly get back to you.

If you'd prefer to use a HTTP API with the SMSCarrier service then we can provide you an account that supports HTTP rather than using SMPP. The account would use our HTTP (simple) API. To get a HTTP API for use with the SMSCarrier service simply sign-up for your account and free credits and then contact Support to request HTTP API details.

SMSC simulator

Test your application's SMS messaging capability with our freely accessible SMSC simulators, available via SMPP.