The SMSCarrier service provided by LINK Mobility UK Ltd is a bulk SMS gateway comprising our proven and advanced messaging infrastructure and provides reliable service, high availability and low delivery latency for customers connecting using the SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) API. The service is operated to provide higher reliability and quality of service than available from any individual mobile network's own wholesale SMS service. Both SMPP and HTTP SMS APIs are provided.

Our Operations team monitor the service 24x7, ensuring that a highly reliable service is available at all times. The team is responsible for all sites through which customers connect with the service. Support for our customers is also provided by the Operations team, ensuring you are talking with people who are highly knowledgable on all technical aspects of the service.


Technical details of the service can be found in the Technical Details and Documentation sections including SMS API details, message delivery architecture and infrastructure details.


Billing in GBP (default), USD or Euros takes place on the 1st of each calendar month. All prices for SMSCarrier accounts in GBP unless otherwise indicated. Invoices clearly show the traffic volume to each country on the invoice for each of your SMPP accounts. 

Standard accounts: Customers are invoiced monthly in arrears. Standard credit terms are 14-days for at least the first 6-months of service.

Prepay accounts: Accounts must be pre-paid and credit is deducted as messages are submitted. Low credit notifications are sent to customers when credit drops below pre-defined levels.


24x7 support by telephone (out of hours for priority, service affecting issues). Email support during UK office hours (0800-1800). The Client Support Site is available 24x7 for querying the status of messages, reporting, documentation, billing and account configuration.

Support requests: If you have a support request then please email the Support team and we'll log your ticket. An auto response will immediately be returned with your ticket number. A member of the team will respond as soon as they've picked-up your ticket and have the information you require. If the issue is urgent then please contact the team by telephone. During office hours the above number will reach the team. Outside of the above hours you can contact the duty engineer using the telephone number provided in your account configuration document.


The SMSCarrier Service Level Agreement includes a 100% service availability guarantee, support guarantee and compensation for failure to meet SLA.

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